Original Songs on the new CD "On a Mission"

Track 5: Rambling Man - boastings of a lover

Track 8: Ce La Vie Aurevoir Jole Blond - a Cajun waltz about a regretful love

Track 9: Dark Cloud - written in co-operation with Don Dolby is the fear of loneliness

Track 11: The Waters Cold - is a remix of the track from the 2012 complilation CD

Original Songs from the 2012 compilation CD

The Hills Were Slag is a song about nature taking back the land after the mines close

The Waters Cold is a tragic love song reflecting on casual affairs during wartime

Butter & Eggs & a Pound of Cheese is a sixteenth century poem put to music in a traditional style by John and recorded live at the Beacon, Nuneaton.

Alrewas Arts Festival 25th August 2014


folk meets cajun



Anne Harris:




& keyboards









John Harris: vocals, guitar,

blues harmonica

& bouzouki













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